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 1-3 years old cycle


During the first three years of a child's life, his brain triples in size.

These three years have a significant impact on his future life. This is why the environment must be rich in experience, caring and respectful of the child. In our children's community, the adult is available for the child and listens to his needs. A relationship of trust is created to allow the child to develop his confidence and self esteem.

This period, where the most significant changes in his physical and mental growth are observed,  is very important for the development of his personality and individuality: “Help me be myself”.

The Montessori Toddler Community is a carefully prepared environment in which children can explore with all of their senses to meet their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs. As they explore, toddlers learn independence and follow their interests in a safe and loving atmosphere.  

At Planète Montessori International School, we welcome children 12 months and older, as long as they walk steadily. In order to respect the child's need for repetition and order, our school operates exclusively on full days, from Monday to Friday.

Small teacher/child ratios allow for individual time spent assisting the child in learning to help them do things for themselves. 

Trilingualism is offered : English, French or Arabic.


Starting at 2 years old, the child experiences “an explosion of language”.

The Montessori environment offers a wide range of language opportunities for the children to explore. Each activity is a sensory experience that leads the child to observe and then to name. Any action taken is described and leads to a conversation.

The children of the Toddlers' Community evolve in a fully trilingual environment: each adult is the referent of a language (English - French - Arabic).

At this age, children are like “sponges”, they can learn three languages ​​effortlessly; hence the importance of multilingualism.


The different language activities are given in a concrete way, through songs, games, reading, description of objects and positive exchanges.


Children like to explore their surroundings, which is why the environment is carefully prepared to allow the children to explore and make decisions freely. It is important not to hinder their impulses and to offer them the possibility of developing their research, thanks to the manipulation of the material (the hand is the tool of the brain).


The Montessori Prepared Environment gives the child the security he needs. It is an orderly, structured environment conducive to the development of the child’s internal order (structure of ideas, development of a logical-mathematical and self-disciplined mind).

The child enjoys some level of freedom in the environment, while being taught to respect the class rules and limits. Through the various activities offered, the child develops his love for work, which leads him to acquire longer phases of concentration.

The child is encouraged to work with materials that have been previously presented to him by the Guide (the teacher).


Within the environment, the teaching material is adapted to the strength and size of the child. It is then easy for him to handle and transport it. It is colorful, aesthetic and made to stimulate it.


At this age, motor skills are not fully acquired, the child needs to carry and move around in order to work on his gross motor skills. A multitude of equipment is available to him, allowing him to work on fine motor skills. The space is open and allows free movement, fostering the spirit of research and discovery.


The child needs to touch objects to develop. When he sets in motion, he knows in advance what he wants to do, and what he can do. He has already seen it done by adults, and in particular in the activities of daily tasks. 


Examples: washing and wiping dishes, washing clothes, sweeping, using the mop, peeling, cutting, pressing, pounding, washing hands, dressing, blowing one's nose, combing, screwing, unscrewing, waxing, open and close different bottles, ...