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MONTESSORI school requirements

In each environment a teacher (Guide) must hold a diploma from the AMI (Association Montessori International)

Group of chidren must be made of *:

-Toddlers (children who've already learned to walk, up to 3 years old): 16 children

-Children's House (3-6 years old): 28 to 35 Children maximum

-Lower Elementary School (6-9 years old): 30 to 35 children maximum

-Upper Elementary School (9-12 years old): 30 to 35 children maximum


This is our policy, at Planète Montessori, not to exceed:

-15 children for the Toddlers and 25 children within the Children's House and 28 within the Elementary School. 

The purpose of a multi-age group within the classroom is to stimulate a normal development of social behavior that will foster collaboration, exchange and emulation within the group. 


The Montessori materials help children move from concrete manipulation to abstract understanding. Children learn through all their senses which builds long term memory and better understanding.

Materials must not miss any parts and must come from an AMI manufacturer, it can not be mixed with other educational materials. 


The concept of "prepared environment" is a complex concept of Montessori pedagogy. Montessori materials by themselves, do not constitute the whole "prepared environment".

Nevertheless, it is an important factor. The guide and the group of children are an important part of this“prepared environment”.

Source Charte établissements Montessori France

Montessori School Requirements

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